Day Five: Thoughts on Civility

posted by on 2009.09.10, under On Teaching

School has become a drain, due, in large part, to student immaturity and lack of civility. Today, after Obama’s health care speech, Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) was texting on his Blackberry and Joe Wilson (R-S Carolina) shouted out “You lie!” when Obama stated his health care proposal would not cover illegal immigrants. For these two, retribution is swift – video of Cantor is all over the web and Wilson’s Democratic rival for the senate apparently raised 50,000 since the speech last night. But no wonder the kids are such a mess. The adults are acting like babies.

Eric Cantor tweeting during the President's speech.

Eric Cantor tweeting during the President's speech.

The question is, with the sheer rudeness, the inability to hold a discourse, the lack of any form of civility in so many public venus, is combatting student mirroring of such behavior even possible?

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