Bad Milk

posted by on 2009.10.22, under China

I had bad milk on October 20 at the top of Victoria Peak and became very, very sick. We went to the top of the peak and there was a Pacific Coffee Company, in it’s constant location of just across from Starbucks. I had a macchiato, just as I had the other day, and within 30 minutes I was sweating. On the bus ride down theĀ  mountain I thought I was getting motion sickness, but by the time we got to our destination, IDN magazine, I thought I had it under control. Foolish, foolish thought. In the middle of a meeting with the editors, I had to jump up and find the bathroom in order to “toss my cookies”. The third time I went into the bathroom to toss any remaining cookies (they were clear liquid at that point), I cried from the hurt. That’s when I knew. Food poisoning. In the middle of a meeting with IDN magazine. They were great. They were concerned. I felt like an idiot.

So, two days of “biscuits” (crackers) and Perrier on a train trip to Shanghai. I’ll get caught up on all else now.

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