Last Day, Back Online

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So, it’s my last day in Beijing. I’m finally back online. I have one more day at the conference, and this is how I think I will spend my remaining time:

“Relishing no longer really knowing your way, avoiding anyone who would lead you
too directly to the goal, wandering around at random, almost purposely losing track,
travelling around, trying to forget where you come from, where you are and where
you are heading. Freeing yourself from your home, your achievements, all the
automatic behavior that defines us. Moving somewhere else not from obligation but
for pleasure, forgetting your roots, changing your language, profession, family; in
short, starting the adventure all over again, very soon realizing that this is never truly
the case. Doing things with no particular purpose, choosing to venture into unknown
lands or cultures, enjoying no longer being able to understand the connections
between the various things in front of you, finding yourself purposely lost in
information that you can never really use. Introducing new facts that call everything
into question, and enable you to shake off old beliefs, add one complexity to another,
blur distinctions, delve into chaos not to bring in any order but to enjoy getting
beyond simplistic models. Learning to get lost so as ultimately to work out your way
better and choosing to approach disorientation as a realm of possibility rather than
only the “overtones of utter disaster” described by Kevin Lynch.”
– Ruedi Baur, A contextual approach to design information. Or: what can we learn from the analysis of disorientation?

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Twelve More Hours ‘Till The Car Comes

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books1I have my books, Mary Jo’s camera. My passport and visa. And my chocolate for the plane. I forgot my business cards, I have to have the driver stop for them at school.

I feel really excited, totally overwhelmed, completely broke and really ready. I have so much to do, and yet I’ll probably just sleep on the plane. I’m not sure what I’ll write, just a lot…a lot. Not sure how much design I’ll do. Hopefully a lot…. Everyone should have at least one 12 hour plane ride in their lives. This is my first. (9 hours to Europe from L.A. came close…..)